Few days back, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif mentioned in the Corps Commanders’ Conference that good governance is pivotal to progress of country. It is crucial time that our rulers should themselves realize that the progress of Pakistan has been hampered due to mal governance.

Governance is the action of governing a state. Our government is occasionally seen boasting off their exemplary governance but situation seems contrary to it. Pakistan’s pathetic condition in every realm ostensibly speaks of our so called good governance. Government’s pro infrastructural development agenda to cater the needs of fraction of population is a burden on national exchequer. These projects are being developed and subsidized with the amounts that are being secured as commercial loans on higher interest rates. It is certainly nerve wracking that how our government will return this money. Our leaders should reassess their priorities in coherence with the basic human needs. Education should be the top priority as nation’s progress depends on the youth. Provision of health facilities and clean drinking water should be next in line. An overarching policy regarding energy shortage and introduction of economic reforms to improve economy and reduce unemployment is also the need of the hour. The development of infrastructural projects should be carried out after the provision of all the basic necessities.

In a nutshell, our government should realign their priorities if they want a progressive and prosperous Pakistan.


Rawalpindi, November 16.