Syed Hammad Ahmad

The democracy in Pakistan remains in its infancy at large since the independence of Pakistan and never flourished for one reason to another. And so is the case of economy of Pakistan as weakened political system, internal bickering and vested interests never allow the country to take that top flight on economic front that its potential promises to. The subsequent failures of governments, whether civilian or military ones, to change the economic fortunes of the masses of the country always led to their debacles. Their failure to groom the human resources also helped the cause of opportunists to roam in the power corridors as mostly the voters in Pakistan are unable to decide their candidates’ ability for many reasons. This all leads to a weakened political system that collapsed every other day and resultantly bringing more miseries to the masses and the country.

The problem here is that the global economy has already been integrated and voters are affected by issues far beyond their borders. So the politicians now tread on a very thin thread and they need to cater the basic necessities of the people and save them from global economic invasions to keep calm. Otherwise as per the current trends, the poor would be getting poorer and rich getting richer that would cause a mistrust between the civilian government and the people and the democratic process may collapse yet again.

A government which ensures rule of law, economic development and provision of basic needs to its people can easily overcome challenges, stabilise democracy and reinforce the relationship between the individual and state.

Government must know that while joblessness is at its peak, big private firms are the biggest source of increasing unemployment by sacking more and more employees without any explanation or check from the government. Best way to jobs is to lower the taxes & utility rates etc which automatically spurs growth, which in turn compensates any loss in lowering taxes, utility rates and other duties. Moreover, even tiny countries like Oman have laws where any private local and international firm cannot appoint an expatriate without satisfying the government that local replacement was not available. Our parliament and provincial assemblies also must legislate on this issue of national interest.

Another crucial ingredient to lasting economic growth is incorporating women into the workforce. Ensuring women have access to education and employment opportunities and the ability to acquire skills to start and run their businesses will increase overall economic development.

Police culture also needs immediate uplift by aggressively posting females officials in all spheres of duties from Thana to Traffic, where public interaction is maximum. In fact, PMLN government set a precedent more than two decades ago about how to bring up a world class police force set up, with bribery free culture, on motor ways. This model must be replicated in Police Stations and with traffic police.

Our Judicial system is another area of concern and this issue must be tackled on topmost priority and a task force of the best men in the judicial field may be formed to submit recommendations, for revamping of our entire judicial system, so that it must deliver justice, in all and every case, within 60 days, without fail.

Businesses cannot succeed without adequate infrastructure and an educated workforce with opportunities for all citizens, men and women alike. Businesses looking to work in Pakistan need predictability and fairness in policies and taxation, streamlined bureaucratic processes, and timely and reliable ways of resolving disputes. Pakistan needs to redouble its efforts to demonstrate that it welcomes international business. The economic growth is not only in itself an achievement until and unless the common people do not enjoy its fruit. So to win the masses trust and make them start believing in the democratic system, a good economic system that provides tangible improvements in health, education, law & order, employment and other areas is a must. The dream of long-term and stabilised democratic governance of the country can be achieved only when it would have complete backing of the people, which could not be won without making them prosperous.

The author is a freelance writer based in Lahore and one can reach by email: