The world has progressed in every field of life but moral values are diminishing day by day. There are humans but not humanity. We have bodies but not souls. We are producing machines not humans. We have become educated but have not become humans.

We see people dying, murdered in very brutal ways but we are happy because we are safe. We see innocent Syrian children suffering at the hands of Israeli army but we are happy because our children are at home playing games. We see Palestinian homes are bombarded but we are happy because our homes are safe. We see Kashmiri’s women are raped; men killed with pellet guns but when we see the news all that escapes from our mouth is the gasp. Don’t go so far, have a look at the events in our own country. Hundreds of thousand people martyred in bomb attacks, an 8 years old child is kidnapped, raped and killed, estimated 280 to 300 boys are sexually abused in Kasur and what we did? Just switch the channel, share a post on social account with hash tag and our duty is done.

Because we don’t have to lose our beloved, our children are safe and we sleep peacefully at night. But we have to realize that day is not far when we will have to face such things if we do nothing. We have to think that who we are as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others. You don’t have to be Muslim to do something you just have to be human. Be human first. Humanity is the best religion for mankind. As Abdul Sattar Eidhi said: “No religion is higher than humanity”.


Lahore, November 21.