The prime minister of Pakistan recently gave a smashing answer to the president Donal Trump who once more scribbled on Social Media that US has given Billions of US dollars to Pakistan but they have not goten good result to gain. However, PM of Pakistan replied to Trump on same Social Media Twitter that like Pakistan US would never get such loyal Country which has adopted other wars on his shoulder where he has lost 18,000 brave troops in order to make United State of America save from terrorism groups, especially from Taliban.

Moreover, Herri Kantilen the member of Washington, recently clear in her statement that US has planned before 20 years to make Taliban group in order to destroy Russia for just his benefits while after they have selected Pakistan to deal with them who were deceived by America not Pakistan. But unfortunately, Pakistan is today being blamed instead of praising. Pakistan has also lost a huge amount of money to fight with these overall terrorism groups which today reveal the unbalance Pakistani finance. On the other hand, today every Country knows that how much sharp or clever is America who unless use a Country or region untill he find his benefits. But this time he should be cleared that Pakistan is not gone a help him in any military operation and as well Pakistan knows his enemy who usually tries to make Pakistan in trouble.


Turbat, November 21.