There is video uploaded by a PIA passenger trying to board a PIA flight to Medina from Karachi on social media. His boarding pass was snatched by a PIA traffic office at Karachi International Departure. The passenger was in transit from Islamabad. The federal government may give bailouts worth billions to this airline which will go down the drain, unless PIA terminates over 2000 employees involved in criminal irregularities, smuggling, pilferage and submitted fake degrees.

While foreign airlines are operating direct flights from Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar etc to numerous foreign destinations in Europe and Malaysia, PIA passengers travelling on international flights are being transported from upcountry to Karachi for onward travel. This passenger who was mishandled was in-transit and unfamiliar with location of domestic and international departure areas at Karachi. He should have been helped by PIA’s surplus staff. In this case the passenger made a mistake and had gone to Domestic Departure at Karachi airport.

PIA staff should be more courteous and facilitated the passenger bound for Medina, given the airline’s declining revenues. In the video the Passenger is pleading with Traffic Officer in international departure check-in area, while the staff is threatening him. It seems passenger’s baggage was checked in at Domestic Counter and was also issued a boarding card. he then proceeded to International Traffic counter where he was harassed and humiliated by Traffic Officer, who snatched his boarding pass instead of making attempts to resolve the matter.


Sukkur, November 20.