The interview of Prime Minister Imran Khan to shed some light on the policies adopted by the government is a step in the right direction. It is extremely important to keep the masses in the loop and for them to be aware of the delicacy of the current situation, such interviews will act as a binding force and establish trust. The sudden devaluation of the Pakistani rupee alerted not just the business community but also the average taxpayer, however, the decision was made by the State Bank. The State Bank made a similar attempt during the last regime because the administration is of the view that this is a needed move. While it is an intelligent decision to offer autonomy of government bodies, the government must be taken into confidence before implementation, so that they can manage the situation in a better manner.

PM Khan also cleared the air around the civil-military relations and ensured everyone that each decision by the new government has been taken without influence. However the fact that the military is supportive of the democratic set up and is aiming to complement their policies only goes to show that the government has a favourable environment to work in and many institutions are willing to follow the agenda of the new party in the system.

Accountability within any system is of the utmost importance and it is only after the formation of a federal government has Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) realised that several practices run deep and many institutions will require a lot of cleansing. This will translate into a lot of compromise on both ends because introducing new faces altogether will slow down the pace of progress, and that means that the government needs to introduce reforms which will gel well with the existing set up.

While the interview was a positive precedent set by the new PM, the mention of elections in Punjab instils mistrust in the government and such remarks should be shied away from. The opposition is rightly criticising the PM for that statement because a democratic setup is only strengthened when the government indulges in trust building. The government and the opposition both need to establish dialogue channels because Pakistan is facing serious problems which require all lawmakers to get together and come up with holistic policies.