Ali Rehman Khan is one of the brightest actors in Pakistan today. He graced our television screens six years ago for the first time and there has been no stopping him since then. Whether its drama serials or movies, Khan has shined in all of his roles. His hard work and dedication reflects through his work.

Within a short span of time, Khan has established a strong fan base for himself who can’t help but go gaga over his acting chops, his dapper good looks, and his boy next-door-image.

After wowing us with several memorable characters, Khan is back again on our screens with his latest drama serial Bewafa in which he portrays the character of Ahaan.

The drama has kept viewers hooked to it because of its stellar lead cast, an engaging storyline, and brilliant performances.

The plotline of Bewafa isn’t unheard of. It’s the story of a man whose life changes after he decides to go for a second marriage. The concept has been explored time and again in our dramas but what sets Bewafa apart is the narrative.

Bewafa stands tall from shows with similar plotlines because of the unusual situation that leads to the husband marrying another woman while still being married to his first wife. It’s also interesting to see the kind of impact the marriage has on their lives.

The performances are nothing short of fantastic, but Khan has been unanimously praised by everyone.

Ahaan is probably Khan’s most understated character, something that he hasn’t done before. In his previous roles, you have seen him play the aggressive, brooding hero. In Bewafa, Khan lends a heartfelt earnestness to Ahaan and you can’t help but feel for him. You will find yourself rooting for Ahaan as he’s trying to do right by the women in his life.

Ahaan is torn between his first wife, Kinza who he loves immensely despite her incredibly dominating nature and Shireen, who he falls for and gets married to after finding comfort in her. Ahaan is a patient stoic man who loves Kinza with all his heart, while he is tender, caring, and affectionate with Shireen. Khan displays both the sides of Ahaan’s personality with aplomb. He balances both his relationships with two different approaches and it never goes unnoticed by the viewers.

Ahaan is a brilliantly fleshed out character. He is a hard-working guy who is passionate about what he does. He is a responsible son, a loving husband and a doting father. He wants to maintain peace in the house and tries to see the reason in a situation when others tend to ignore it. Khan does all of that with so much ease. No one who could have played Ahaan as well as he does.

Not to forget, Khan looks handsome in every frame that he’s in. Whether he’s wearing formal suits or casual clothes, the styling has been on point and Khan carries every look effortlessly.

It has been a treat to watch Ali Rehman Khan in Bewafa, and we can’t wait to see what the story brings in next for the viewers.