LAHORE         -         The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed umpire and match referee appointments for the ICC World Test Championship fixtures between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, to be played from December 11-23. Andy Pycroft will lead the Playing Control Team for the opening Test in Rawalpindi from 11-15 December, which will also include Michael Gough and Richard Kettleborough as the on-field umpires, Richard Illingworth as third umpire and Shozab Raza as the fourth umpire. For the second Test in Karachi from 19-23 December, Jeff Crowe will be the match referee, while on-field umpiring responsibilities will be shared between Bruce Oxenford and Joel Wilson. Gregory Brathwaite will be in the third umpire’s box and Ahsan Raza will be the fourth umpire. Michael Gough and Joel Wilson will make a return visit to Pakistan after performing on-field umpires’ duties when Sri Lanka had played white-ball matches by umpiring in the Karachi ODIs.

MATCH OFFICIALS’ APPOINTMENTS: December 11-15 – 1st Test. Michael Gough and Richard Kettleborough (on-field), Richard Illingworth (third umpire), Shozab Raza (fourth umpire); Andy Pycroft (match referee). December 19-23 – 2nd Test. Bruce Oxenford and Joel Wilson (on-field), Gregory Brathwaite (third umpire), Ahsan Raza (fourth umpire); Jeff Crowe (match referee).