Pakistan is the country we call home and it must stand on strong footing safe from internal and external threats. I, as an old citizen, often think why our political leadership does not show maturity in the ways they behave. Why can’t they agree on some ground rules and at least agree on the single point agenda of developing and working on a long-term strategy for economic strength of the country? Probably, they are oblivious of the history and only care about their own gains and goals.

More than seventy years have gone by and several elections held in the country with some more legitimate and open than others. However, unfortunately, unlike a responsible democracy, not even once have the parties accepted the outcome of the elections. Every time, the winners claim the election to be fair and free and the losers cry foul. Every, election held in the country saw the opposition calling for protest calling for inquiries and dislodging of the newly elected government. In this ugly drama for power, our leaders seem to forget that they are cutting the branch of the tree they are sitting on. In the past, the habit of our politicians to cast doubt on elections have led to extreme outcomes ranging from brutal martial law at one end and weakening of democracy and economy at the other.

Still, our politicians learn nothing and keep on doing things that lead to very things they are protesting against, that is, weakening of democracy and increased interference of non-political forces. I wish and pray that our leaders show some maturity, get rid of self righteous hypocrisy and move forward to agree on some bottom line principles that let democracy strengthen and country progress.