In today’s world, where so many wake up in poverty and go to sleep hungry, each of us must ask: “How can we help?” It is a sin to waste food while others do not have enough to eat. The food we waste in Pakistan is 48 million tons of solid waste a year, which has been increasing more than 2 percent annually. Like other developing countries, Pakistan lacks waste management infrastructure, creating serious environmental problems. People are unable to get enough food which extends to malnutrition but enough food is a secondary perspective, people are even not provided with safe food.

In this perspective Punjab Food Authority is working for the betterment of people to endow with safe and healthy food for everyone, it is no less than Jihad; and people should be thankful for it. Government is making tough laws which are for now strict and unfair to many but they are actually in the favor of entire Pakistan where people can breathe with safe food and ensure security of food for themselves and their children. The laws made in the past years and implementation of the laws in the current era is remarkable, it is not wrong to say that to help people getting pure food without any adulteration is Jihad.

According to a survey in 2018 enforcement teams of PFA conducted around 43,689 general inspection visits on food outlets across the province and sealed 747 centers due to various violations of food standards. PFA has also served 25,000 improvement notices on minor issues and thousands of food business operators penalized with heavy fine tickets. PFA is rooting out the menace of adulteration and punished violators over non compliance with the PFA’s instructions. PFA conducted 41,132 raids among which 742 were sealed and issued fine tickets to 2,415 food outlets. The action was taken against hotels, restaurants, production units, canteens, sweets and bakers and other food points. The purpose of sealing and imposing a fine is to bring reforms in food business.

PFA is utilizing all-out efforts to improve hygiene and quality of food outlets in Punjab. The initiatives taken by Punjab Food authority are remarkable as they are looking after even on minor adulterations which can become major problems for everyone. It is our basic right to get pure food and that too to stay healthy for a better and safer future. In 2019 PFA cracks downs statistics shows that they have been working day and night 24/7 in the service of people where they are enforcing laws such as ban on banaspati ghee, loose spices, beverages, energy drinks, margarine, tea whiteners and ensuring that the products coming out in market are providing information such as if not pasteurized or not made from milk etc; for example: margarine is not butter, tea whiteners are not milk products etc and the biggest achievement in my eyes is providing people pasteurized milk which is the foremost necessity of any human being. PFA in collaboration with Livestock department is conducting survey’s to assess the consumption for pasteurized milk. The execution of the pasteurization law is the only solution to stop the supply of adulterated milk. The sale of loose milk would be completely banned in Punjab after the year 2022 as per the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan and for this process Punjab Food Authority is going door to door to interact with people and create awareness on the benefits of pasteurized milk. This is a highly appreciated step to move forward with thinking only about the people and stepping out in this excruciating heat to fulfill his duties.

“Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.” (Quran 2:168)

What can we do in this Jihad? How can we be a part of this Jihad? This question always arises in my mind whenever I consume any food item of being unsure of the fact whether it is safe for us or not but I eat anyways; that is where I am wrong and the authorities is right as PFA has provided with better options such as citizens can register their complaints and suggestions on PFA’s websites, complaint cell, and their Facebook page. This is a small step towards a bigger step where the authority and government should show keen interest in the interest of people and satiate people. On the other hand it is our duty to be independent and responsible citizens to provide each other with right knowledge and to work independently or with existing organizations to assist on-going food recovery efforts, we can support or develop a community or regional coalition against hunger and adulteration mafia by informing the concerned authorities to take actions against them, develop a community financial fund to fight hunger, plan tours of food recovery facilities or arrange for knowledgeable speakers to increase community awareness of hunger, safe food, adulteration mafia problems, and what people are doing to address them.