COAS General Kayanis address to a group of journalists at Kakul unmistakably showed that he knew how to talk like a level-headed general. His were plain words sagaciously taking note of various threats to Pakistan emanating from the Indo-US nexus. He has rightly observed that the army had to remain India-centric on account of the Indian intransigence on Kashmir and the water dispute. He maintained that it was simply out of the question for us to make light of our neighbours aggressive designs, which contained ominous schemes like the Cold Start doctrine aimed at catching Pakistan unawares by destroying its sensitive military and nuclear installations well before the armed forces are able to react. Not only that. By asserting that peace and security in the region should not be held hostage to a single act of terror by non-state actors, he made the most apt criticism of a warmongering New Delhi, uninterested in making the subcontinent a place worth living. Likewise, in a firm rebuke to the Americans, the General dispelled the notion that the ISI was secretly supporting the militant groups. It should be crystal clear to the US that the figure of casualties: 2,200 martyrs and 6,000 injured along with 73 of the intelligence operatives laying down their lives in the line of duty, quoted by him is a proof enough of the fact that far from being a Frankenstein monster, the ISI is acting within its authorised mandate. Gen Kayanis incisive analysis of the sticky wicket the country stands on brings to light the dilemma of politicians irrevocably bogged down in a battle for political survival and hardly concerned about such crucial issues. They had better gird up their loins and seriously judge the situation. It is high time the PPP-led dispensations hobnobbing with the US and its apologetic stance toward the Indians was substituted with a rational approach that can keep Pakistan out of harms way.