QUETTA Seven Pakistani nationals were reportedly killed by firing of Afghan forces at Chaman border on Thursday. According to details, some eight people of village Killi Mohammad Essa, close to Chaman border, were killed when they crossed the boarder to collect the firewood. Seven of them including two brothers were killed by firing of Afghan troops-led by Abdul Awaz, an officer. However, the eighth Pakistani national managed to escape from the scene and reached back to the village and informed the people about the incident. A report said that around 100 people while protesting crossed the Afghanistan border and later held talks with the Afghan officials. Later, the protestors placed the dead bodies in front of the Afghan government office in Spin Boldak and demanded of the arrest of culprits. Till the filing of this report, the people were protesting while the senior Afghan officials were trying to engage them in negotiations. The officials also assured them of arrest of the responsible officer involved in the killing of seven Pakistanis. While talking to newsmen of Chaman, the Afghan Commander for Border Affairs, Abdur Razik Punjsheri told that the accused Mohammad Awaz was removed from his post and arrested for investigations. However, on the other hand the concerned Pakistani officials confirmed the incident, but said that there was some confusion over the number of deaths.