KARACHI Pakistan number one Aqeel Khan considered the backbone of Pakistan tennis may miss next months Davis Cup tie against Hong Kong if he decides to accept an offer to become national tennis coach of Jordan. However, the Pakistan Tennis Federation by accepting a condition clause of release made in the offer could help ensure appearance of Aqeel Khan in Davis Cup. Talking to TheNation here at Modern Club where he watched matches in the ongoing HBL Subah-e-Nau National Ladies Tennis Championship on Thursday, Aqeel Khan said his appearance in Davis Cup is doubtful because the offer is time bound and not open ended. He had to accept the offer immediately or the Jordan Tennis Federation may go for someone else who could join them immediately to prepare their team for group IV matches of the Davis Cup in that region. While making the offer the JTF had informed him that if he joined immediately, he would be released to play Pakistan Davis Cup tie in March as well as in future, he said. He said he had not yet decided about the offer but would soon contact the Pakistan Tennis Federation to officially inform about it and to discuss the issue with open mind to accept the offer and at the same time play for Pakistan. He said he could not accept the offer without consulting the PTF because for him playing for Pakistan was a big honor. He said he would make livelihood with a job that he best knew and making his future secure was also important. He did not disclose what kind of money was offered but he said it would be substantial as all other expenses about his stay there would be met by the host. In that case the offer would give him good amount. He disclosed that one of the Jordanian national tennis star was in contact with him for some time in the past and had advised him to accept the offer with the clause of his release for Pakistan Davis Cup team. He said he would always like to play for Pakistan but the PTF at the same time should look after his financial interests. He said he owed everything to Pakistan that was why he had decided to consult the PTF before making any move. If the PTF could compensate him with the amount on offer for a long term, he would be willing to excuse himself to the offer in the national tennis interest, he added. He said he knew the PTF did not have the financial resources to compensate the offer but at least they could accept the conditional clause of release so that both he himself and the PTF would have best of everything. He said in that case he could accept the offer and continue to play for Pakistan. In that case, he would not have to attend the national training camp which will begin next week either at Lahore or Islalambad. He can directly join Pakistan team before its departure for Hong Kong or in Hong Kong. Pakistan is due to play Hong Kong in Asia Oceania Zone Asia Cup tie in Hong Kong in first week of month of March. The tie originally was allotted to Pakistan but due to security reasons was shifted to Hong Kong where the fixture would be played on synthetic turf. Aqeel Khan, Aisamul Haq, Jalil Khan, Hira Ashiq and Faizan Khurram have been advised to attend the training camp. Aisamul Haq is reported to have decided to appear in Davis cup tie.