ISLAMABAD Terming the verdict in Dr Aafia Siddiqui case as prejudiced and biased, the legal fraternity on Thursday urged the Government to send eminent lawyers team to the US for her early repatriation. Dr Aafia was convicted of the charges that she tried to kill Americans when she was detained in Afghanistan in 2008. She was accused of grabbing a rifle, when she was being interrogated at an Afghan police station, and trying to gun down the US servicemen. Islamabad should make extensive diplomatic and legal efforts on her behalf and take up the issue at different levels of US administration for her release on compassionate grounds, they said. When Aafia was not charged of terrorism why did prosecutors describe her as a would-be terrorist? the noted lawyers questioned while talking to TheNation. Her lawyers tried to prove that she was insane but a judge ruled that she was mentally fit and should be tried, they explained. Calling for gearing up efforts for diplomatic rescue of Aafia, they said the court should review its judgement according to international laws. The prosecution should always decide on merit in courts, they added. Prominent lawyers, who observed the Black Day in accordance with brutal murder of former attorney general of Pakistan Sardar Muhammad Khan, told TheNation that the court decision against Dr Aafia was against the prescribed norms of justice. There was no proof or forensic evidence that Dr Aafia actually fired the weapon and there was also no charge of terrorism, they argued. They were of the view that US ambassador to Pakistan Anne W Peterson should be summoned at the Foreign Office and be informed that the unjust verdict against Dr Aafia might widen the gulf between USA and Pakistan. If the judgement is not reviewed, the public opinion may go further up against the USA, they said. They were of the view that Dr Aafia was also not properly extended all legal support through Pakistans Embassy in Washington. Pakistani Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani never consulted with prominent lawyers who had gripped over international laws to provide legal aid to the daughter of Pakistan, they complained.