Recently Sindh Assembly passed a resolution asking Punjab to stop the hydroelectric project being built at the tail of the Chashma-Jehlum Link Canal. The Sindh Assembly has threatened to declare a war on Punjab on the issue of water if it proceeded with this project. It appears none of the members of Sindh PA bothered to consult any hydel engineers to find out how this project would effect the water supply to Sindh. They just want an excuse to prepare a case for autonomy, and then secession. This provincial assembly is infested with seperatist elements like Zulfikar Mirza who is still there despite his rabid, madcap statements and is infecting others. On the other hand, Islamabad seems to have no interest in least offering even an explanation that this project would not effect water supply to Sindh. The current rulers of Islamabad are themselves promoting ethnic divisions by addressing people in provincial languages. What good can be expected from them? As a layman, I can understand that in a hydroelectric project, water is diverted to a place where generators are installed and after turning the generators, it goes back to the water stream it had come from. If this is true, how can the water supply to Sindh be effected? I request hydel engineers to give their comments so that the separatists of Sindh can be silenced. We regret the day General Yahya Khan broke up One-Unit and created provinces that are now threatening the very existence of the worlds sole Muslim nuclear power, much to the delight of India and Israel. -ZAFAR ISRAR, Karachi, January 29.