In every advanced country, the rulers are the pet dogs of the countrys institutions. The institutions use these dogs for the prosperity of the masses. On the contrary, in every backward country, the institutions are the pet dogs of the rulers. The rulers use the institutions for their own vested interests. The masses are miserable. The misery of the masses is the fountain of the rulers prosperity. Is an advanced country an advanced country because the countrys institutions are the countrys supreme power? Only an advanced country can tell. Ask an advanced country to reveal the secret. And is a backward country a backward country because its rulers and not the institutions are the supreme power? Only a backward country can tell. Ask a backward country to reveal the secret. There are only a few countries where institutions are supreme power. In most of the countries, the institutions are the rulers toys. Unfortunately, we belong to this category. We have had institutions throughout our history. But our institutions have always been at war with one another. A country where the institutions are mutually at war is a country at war with itself. This brand of war is most destructive. But only the masses suffer the destruction. A country where the institutions are at the mercy of the rulers is a hell for the masses. The weaker the institutions are, the more prosperous the rulers are. The more prosperous the rulers are, the more miserable the masses are. In an institutionally weak country, the politicians keep abusing each other. They accuse each other of being power hungry. Unfortunately, both are correct. But the real tragedy is that the hunger is absolutely insatiable. The history of our institutions is a woeful history. Most of our rulers firmly believed that subordination to the institutions was a wretched slavery. They regarded the institutions as horses and believed that they were born to establish themselves as skilful horse-riders. Obviously, the horses must obey the riders. And luckily, our institutions are very obedient horses. Generally, our rulers created their own institutions. If at any time a ruler perceived that an institution of his own creation was misbehaving, he assassinated it and created a substitute of his own liking. Whenever a rulers tenure was over, he took his own institutions with himself. His successor brought his own institutions. When the successor left, his successor brought his own institutions. It went on and on like this. Thus our entire history is a history of personal institutions. What a tragedy Unfortunately, the current institutional turmoil seems to be jeopardising the countrys very existence. An alarming uncertainty is hanging like Damocles sword over the countrys head. Anything horrifically disastrous could happen anytime. God forbid, if the country were to collapse, only the masses would suffer. The disaster would not touch a special class of Pakistanis. These Pakistanis have built their own Pakistans abroad. These Pakistans are their paradisal havens. Only the Quaids Pakistan is the Pakistan of the masses. The masses have been keeping this Pakistan alive with their own blood. From where did the Pakistanis who have built their Pakistans abroad get the money? Lets not intrude into our Pakistani brethrens private affairs. Because of our institutional impotency, the country is ablaze with crimes and corruption. Unfortunately, our institutions dont have the requisite equipment for extinguishing the conflagration. The masses are miserably crying: Will the country keep burning? The institutions are laughing. The Quaid created Pakistan. Unfortunately, destiny did not grant him time enough to create vigorously dynamic institutions. Some of his successors took full advantage of the situation. The country was periodically kidnapped by some rulers. Every kidnapper released it only after collecting a fabulous ransom. The writer is an academic.