LAHORE - A two-member Turkish delegation Thursday discussed ways and means to explore, create joint venture opportunities and expedite exchange of business delegations between the 2 countries. The delegation headed by Turkish Commercial Counsellor Cezmi BESOGUL called on LCCI Vice President Faisal Iqbal Sheikh and remained with him for well over an hour and discussed the issues coming in the way of two-way trade and joint ventures between Pakistan and Turkey. Duran Yuce, one of the Turkish delegates, informed the LCCI Vice President that their firm was interested in making investment in Pakistan. He said that the Turkish investors were well aware of the fact that there were ample opportunities available to them in various sectors. Speaking on the occasion, the LCCI Vice President Faisal Iqbal Sheikh gave a detailed briefing to the delegation regarding rapid exchange of sector-specific delegations and identification of areas of possible cooperation for joint ventures to boost the volume of trade between Pakistan and Turkey. He said that the LCCI delegation is likely to visit Turkey in the month of April and for the purpose necessary arrangement are being made. He said that the global scene calls for closer relations among countries for solution of their problems. He said that in the last five years the trade between Turkey and Pakistan has shown many fluctuations, though the balance remained in favour of Pakistan. The products of trade, if one looks at trade maps of the two countries, continue to be the same for many years and no major breakthrough has occurred to counter it. Pakistans exports to Turkey consist of textiles and leather products, sports goods, surgical instruments and rice etc. whereas imports from Turkey to Pakistan comprise general/specialized industrial machinery, chemicals, transport vehicles, electrical machinery, iron & steel products, rubber manufactures, essential oils/perfumes etc. The LCCI Vice President said that Turkey is importing citrus fruits, mangoes and bananas from other countries, which can be imported from Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistani products like sports goods especially footballs and surgical instruments find their way into Turkey from other destinations that could be directly imported from Pakistan. Such trade practices reflect lack of information placing our countries at disadvantageous positions. He also stressed the need for adoption of modern techniques of exchange of information through IT and adequate transportation facilities through sea and land routes. He said that it was a big achievement that a railroad project had been realized. He also informed the delegation that the LCCI had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry.