ANGELINA Jolie, 34, beats Jennifer Aniston, 40, again by out earning one million dollars, according to Vanity Fairs Hollywoods Top 40" list. Jolie came in at No 32 on the list by making $21m last year, 20 million for her action thriller, Salt, which doesnt even hit theatres until next July. The extra million was made in royalties from other films. Aniston isnt too far behind at No 31 with 20m earnings last year. Vanity Fair says she made $8m each for The Bounty Hunter (with Gerard Butler) and The Baster. She banked $3m for 2008s Marley & Me thanks to back-end earnings of its $243m worldwide gross and DVD sales, and 1 million from Hes Just Not That Into You. Xinhuanet Both of them are far ahead of Brad Pitt, who came in dead last on the list with 13.5 million. Xinhuanet