PESHAWAR Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao), Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, has said that heinous aim behind target-killings in Karachi is to destabilise the country on political and economic grounds. Expressing his concern over the ongoing target-killings, particularly of Pashtuns, in Karachi, the PPP-S Chairman said the whole nation knew it was a conspiracy to destabilise the country. He said the current situation in Karachi was evidence that Government was administratively paralysed and helpless to control the situation. He added that political constraints were hampering the Government from taking action to normalise the situation. Sherpao lamented that all the three political parties that were in coalition in the Sindh Government were silent spectator to the target-killings of Pashtuns. He forecasted very negative consequences of the mess, adding Karachi was not the sole city of any party but every one had the right over it. He also expressed his condolence over the killing of former attorney general of Pakistan M Sardar Khan.