LAHORE - Verdict of US court against Dr Aafia has exposed the hollowness of the judicial system of the United States of American, said a general house meeting of Lahore High Court Bar Association unanimously stated this in a resolution on Thursday. In addition, the meeting condemned the brutal killing former Advocate General NWFP Sardar Khan, unjust verdict of US court against Dr Aafia Siddiqui and unjustified raise in petroleum prices. The government has miserably failed to protect the lives and properties of the citizens and the country has become a hostage in the hands of hooligans, murders, looters and terrorists, one of the three resolutions said. The meeting noted that national wealth and resources were being utilised for the safety and security of the VIPs and ordinary citizens were being killed and looted in the day light. LHCBA president Nasira Javed Iqbal presided over the meeting held at the Kiyani Hall of the bar association. Secretary LHCBA Muqtadar Akhtar Shabbir and LHCBA Finance Secretary Rai Nawaz Kharal were also present in the meeting. A large number of lawyers attended the meeting to blast deteriorating law and order situation in the country and biased verdict of US court against Muslim women Dr Afia. Addressing the meeting, LHCBA President Nasira Javed expressed solidarity with people of NWFP especially lawyers on the murder of former Peshawar High Judge and ex-Attorney General Sardar Khan. She said demanded of the government to set up a commission for proper enquiry of the cold murder of Sardar Khan. LHCBA meeting passed a resolution which said Dr Afia and her two children be released immediately as all allegations against her are baseless rather she is herself victim of American prejudice against Muslims. The fare of buses, and basic commodities of life will witness as hike in the prices in reaction to the surge in the petroleum prices and this it is rejected by lawyers community, said another resolution passed by the LHCBA during the meeting. LHCBA rejects the raise in the petroleum prices as in the international market no hike has been registered.