ISLAMABAD PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed has recommended that an All Parties Delegation led by Imran Khan Chairman Pakistan Therik-e-Insaf (TIP) should be sent to meet US President Barack Hussain Obama to seek reversal of the court verdict against Dr Aafia Siddiqui and make possible her immediate repatriation to Pakistan. All Parties Delegation led by TIP Chairman Imran Khan should go to the US to meet President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to make them aware of the negative effects of the court verdict on PAK-US relations, Mushahid said, Thursday, while addressing the participants of a protest demonstration. The demo was held against price hike, corruption, Karachi killings and US court verdict against Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Mushahid said that he himself would request Imran to lead the delegation. He said that the court decision against Dr Aafia was against the prescribed norms of justice as there was no proof or forensic evidence against Dr Aafia that she actually fired the weapon nor was there any charge of terrorism. Let us rise above party lines and an all parties delegation be sent to the USA. Prime Minister should make a policy statement at the floor of the Parliament House over Dr Aafia issue. Moreover, the US ambassador should be summoned at the Foreign Office and be informed that the unjust verdict against Dr Aafia may widen the gulf between the US and Pakistan and if she is not released immediately, the public opinion may go further up against the US, he added. Referring to the court verdict, Mushahid said that it was political verdict and in the absence of any concrete proof against Dr Aafia, it has proved to be a false case decided on political grounds. PML had raised the issue of Dr Aafia at the Parliament some three years back. We had also taken a parliamentary delegation to the US and met her there. During the 3-hour-long discussion, Dr Aafia told us that she would inform the nation about her unfortunate tale upon her return, he added. He said that the facts regarding Dr Aafia case should come on surface. Mushahid said that his party was adopting the pro-people politics. While the other political parties were power hungry and those are following 'Kursi Politics. There is no focus on public issues and the rulers are only focusing on corrupt practices. Today, price hike has increased 300 percent up and the people now are remembering the unprecedented development works carried out under PML -Q government, he asserted. He said that the rulers had disappointed the people of the country and the by-polls results of Swat and Mansehra reflected the masses hatred against the ruling alliance. President of PML-Q Womens Wing, Farrukh Khan criticised the skyrocketing prices of daily use commodities and raise in petroleum tariff. Rejecting the petroleum prices raise, she said life had become harder due to the price hike, while the rulers were leading a life of luxury. On the occasion dozens of PML-Q workers chanted slogans against price hike, corruption, Karachi killings and the US court verdict against Dr Aafia.