LAHORE The Punjab Assembly on Thursday passed two bills, including the Punjab Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2010, while referred two others to the standing committees concerned for further deliberations, after aggressive heated debate and arguments and walkout from the Opposition against what it said improper behaviour of the Treasury. Besides the Punjab Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2010, the House approved the Punjab Mineral Development Corporation (Amendment) Bill 2009, after rejecting all amendments proposed by the opposition legislators. Approval of the PLG (Amendment) Bill 2010 will enable the provincial government to appoint administrators for performing the functions and exercise the powers of nazims, naib nazims and councils throughout the province. The House referred two bills - the Punjab Land Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2010 and the Punjab Privatisation Board Bill 2010 - to the standing committees concerned for submission of report till the mid of next month. Following rejections of all its proposed amendments, allegations and counter allegations, the Opposition legislators boycotted the proceedings and staged a walkout against what they said undemocratic behaviour on the part of the Treasury, especially Law Minister Rana Sanaullah. Opposing amendments proposed by the Opposition in the PLG (Amendment) Bill 2010, Rana Sanaullah said the government was bringing a system for a short period to ensure free and fair local governments elections. He further added the government had started process for revising the system introduced by a dictator who never went to any village or contested polls. He said the government desired to introduce a local government system that could work for the betterment of the masses. Referring to the criticism and opposition on the issue of the appointment of administrators, the Law Minister said the Q-League also did the same for holding last LB elections. On the issue of establishing the Election Authority, he said there was no condition in the Constitution that holding local government elections fall in the purview of the Election Commission. He said local governments were subject of provinces and they were free to enact their own laws. He said it was right of the Punjab government to establish the Election Authority for holding LB elections. Referring to the speech of Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed, the Law Minister appreciated and thanked the PPP for extending support for the Bill. He assured the PPP legislators to resolve all issues through mutual consultation. He said both the coalition partners would continue to support each other against the aspirations of conspirators. Opposition Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din suggested that instead of appointing administrators, the government should let the elected representatives to continue till next elections. Terming establishment of Election Authority as unconstitutional, opposition legislator Sardar Mohsan Khan Leghari said that there was no need to establish a parallel body in the presence of Election Commission. He said that the both the coalition partners had also decided in Charter of Democracy that LB elections would be held on party basis through provincial election commission. He said that establishment of Election Authority was also a violation of CoD. He said that appointment of administrators against elected posts was also against the Constitution. Referring to the comment of Dost Muhammad Khosa, Mohsan Leghari said the House was the best place for debate important issues like legislation. He said the Treasury should tolerate opposition and take decision after consultation and in a democratic manner. He said that it was a pity that not only the opposition, but also cabinet was not taken into confidence on a number of decisions. Samia Amjad said that those who opposed Governor Rule were going to appoint administrators. She said if Governor Rule was wrong then how appointment of administrators could be a right decision. She urged the House to send back the draft to select committee for further deliberation. She said that appointment of administrators would be the biggest mistake of the history.