Indian and Pakistani officials are likely to meet Monday to decide the agenda of bilateral talks proposed by India after a two-year interval following the attacks in Mumbai. Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao will meet Pakistan's High Commissioner to India Shahid Malik to agree on "where to talk, when to talk and what to talk," a foreign ministry official said. India has offered "open-ended talks on all outstanding issues affecting peace and security," emphasising counter-terrorism. Pakistan has called for resumption of the broader peace process called the "Composite Dialogue" on a range of issues, including the disputed Kashmir region. The two sides have in the past argued over the agenda of talks, with Pakistan insisting that Kashmir top the discussions, while India sought a broader dialogue to cover all outstanding issues that have marred ties for more than 60 years. "There could be some issues regarding the nature of talks which could be addressed through diplomatic channels," a government official with knowledge of the process told Reuters.