LAHORE After keeping complete mum for two years, Senior Punjab Minister Raja Riaz finally broke his silence on assembly floor here Thursday by washing dirty linen in public, before he announced to support the PML-N on local government bill. For the first time since inception of the coalition government in Punjab, the PPP minister gave vent to his anger by openly accusing the PML-N of ignoring his party ministers on important issues. Raja minced no words when he told the chair that PPP ministers were totally worthless in the current provincial set up and that no government functionary took them seriously. I am sure the administrators replacing nazims in few days would also not listen to us, he predicted. He further told the House that Despite our reservations about the new legislation, PPP legislators would vote in favour of the bill on the directions of party Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, who wants us to be on PML-Ns side for the sake of democracy. He also accused the PML-N of not giving quota of government jobs to the PPP in accordance with the 60-40 power sharing formula. Though what he said was hardly any revelation, as he was merely testifying what is already making rounds in the air, yet his open confession of the uneasy relationship between the two parties was something unusual, never witnessed before on such a highest forum. It is no secret that PML-N has bedeviled the PPP during the last two years by not implementing the power-sharing formula. It is also known that Senior Minister took up this issue several times with partys top leadership, but in public he would never say anything so openly about difficulties in coalition matters. It was, however, strange to see that around 120 PPP law makers supported the bill against their will and conscience just to comply with the directions of party co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari. They had reservations about appointment of administrators in place of nazims and establishment of Election Authority to conduct local elections instead of the Election Commission of Pakistan. But mighty will of their party head forced them to do something against their conscience. Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah was gracious enough to respond positively to goodwill gesture from the PPP side and hinted at addressing 60 per cent grievances of the PPP ministers. The Opposition, on the other, hand, gave tough time to the Treasury before adoption of the local government bill by the assembly, though Rana Sana scoffed at the opposition members every time they brought forward their amendment for discussion. He kept on hitting hard on the bedrock of their arguments terming them a mere casuistry, though on many occasions, opposition members, Mohsin Leghari, Shair Ali and Samina Khawar Hayat and others managed to outwit the minister. Shair Ali successfully exploited the catch-phrase of 90 days of former dictator Ziaul Haq about holding general elections by linking it with 180 days period as proposed in the bill for conducting local polls. Some contemptuous remarks by law minister hurt the PML-Qs brunette, Semal Kamran so much that she staged a token walkout to register protest over his attitude. The brusqueness of Local Government Minister Sardar Dost Muhammad Khosa, who never attends assembly question hours about his department, also irked the opposition members during the course of discussion on proposed amendments in the said legislation. He spoke in a brusque tone when he asked the chair that there was no need of discussion on the bill.