LAHORE - A meeting of the Standing Committee on Water and Power was held at WAPDA House here on Thursday under the chairmanship of Syed Ghulam Mustafa, MNA. The meeting was convened especially to discuss the burning issue of Rental Power Projects. The Federal Minister of Water and Power, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf also attended the meeting in order to reply the questions of the members of the parliament representing all the major parties in the Parliament. The Chairman WAPDA, MD PEPCO along with senior officers of the Ministry briefed the committee on the prevailing situation of load shedding and water crisis and why the option of RPPs was considered by the Government. Standing Committee was informed that terms of reference was third party audit by ADB were to review the existing demand-supply shortfall, identify options available to fill this gap, evaluation of contracts and tariffs of the contracted RPPs. The report acknowledged that recent energy shortages have greatly subdued the countrys economic growth and there is established shortfall on supply side in the power generation system. As regards 8 RPPs their implementation must be vigorously perused as per contracts for realization of maximum benefits of investment made. And the focus of the ministry should be on sourcing and development of primary energy resources such as gas, coal etc for conversion into electricity. It was also mentioned in the report that even after the addition of 14 RPPs (1994 MW) it is not likely to eliminate load shedding completely beyond 2012. The tariff difference between RFO fuel IPPs and RFO fuel RPPs is as 2.55 cents only. And there is need for energy security with balancing act between affordability, demand- supply option and load shedding. These were the factors, which were already realized by the Govt and steps have been taken to address these issues. The committee also wanted the Ministry to address the communication gap between them and the Members of Parliament.