Bit by bit, I see the illegal plazas of the city being chipped off the Lahore landscape. Though my heart cries at seeing the depleting resources of this country being wasted like that, but I also have the satisfaction of noting that law of the land, or what we call the writ of the government, is being established after all, bit by bit. I wish, like the concrete being hacked to pieces of grey debris, we could also chop off, bit by bit, the corrupt officials of government who allowed this to happen. I wish I could see in the media names of a lot of officials that have been sacked and put on trial, not transferred and posted as OSDs, as is done in routine. Another thing that I wish to see now is these corrupt officials being thrown from the top of these plazas before these buildings are reduced to rubble. One thing bad about the whole process, though; they are taking too long breaking-up these buildings. Slow is bad. It usually means the crafty manipulators that build illegal plazas get the time to find a loophole in our laws, or approach 'someone for getting a relief for themselves. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, February 1.