In the annals of history, Kashmir holds a unique position. For its captivating, and awestruck scenic beauty, rivers, lakes, mountains, delicious and sweet fruits, bounty of beauty of its people and Sufis Shrines. Today is Kashmir Day On 5th February we affirm our moral support to the Muslim brethren of Indian held Kashmir. Kashmiris are awaiting plebiscite ensured by United Nations resolutions that will decide their fate to live with Pakistan or India. Despondently, nothing practical has been done so far for settlement of this issue for which both countries have fought three wars. This situation forced Kashmiris and they took the liberation movement in their hands and stood against Indian atrocities. The matchless courage of Kashmiri youth and tens of thousands who have embraced martyrdom will go waste. Their ordeal still continue. Innocent people are butchered, killed and humiliated round the clock. Their rights have been usurped. While women are harassed in their homes, youth face extra-judicial killings. Horror and terror prevails throughout the valley, and the human right activists are dumb and deaf. In order to realize Aman ki Asha, the core issue of Kashmir needs to be redressed according to the will of Kashmiris. From time immemorial, oppression and suppression has remained part of rulers and governments, but in the end Divine justice is ultimately rendered. Tyranny cannot go along for a long time. Nations are awaking and rising against dictators and usurpers. Insha-Allah, soon a time will come when Kashmir will be freed from the tyrant clutches of India. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, February 4.