TOBA TEK SINGH - To express solidarity with the Muslims, the Christian community organised a special programme in TMA Hall here in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH) on Saturday.

Addressing the joint gathering of the Muslims and the Christians, Christian leader Ashfaq Fateh said the Muslim brothers and sisters expressed great love for the Christians during Christmas and other religious events at local level, adding that their cordial relations are exemplary. He added in the recent years, the Muslims had set examples of love, tolerance and cooperation therefore, the Christians decided to conduct the programme. He said that the programme conveyed a message to the world that Christians also expressed same love for the Messenger (PBUH).

Maulana Munam Husnain Sadique hailed the first ever example set by the Christians to conduct such programme. He stated that it would deliver a message to the world that Christians and Muslims are united and shared the celebration of the arrival of Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) with the same spirit. He assured the Christian community that Muslims would keep on working jointly for lasting peace and prosperity in the country.