The spurious drug Isotab has wreaked havoc upon the cardiac patients registered with the Pakistan Institute of Cardiology. More than 120 patients have been killed by this killer medicine produced by Efroze Pharmaceuticals in Karachi. On the other hand the Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has made a startling revelation that the said killer drug that has taken a heavy toll of lives is a well conceived conspiracy against him and his government in the metropolis of Punjab. According to him, an influential figure of Islamabad is implicated in this macabre phenomenon who wants to see funeral processions in each and every street of Lahore.

The Chief Minister further added that he would reveal the name of the said person only if the Supreme Court of Pakistan calls him and allows him to do so. If Mian Sahib knows the perpetrator, it is incumbent upon him to let the nation know about this person. Rather it is the responsibility of CM to apprise the nation about the said culprit.

Why Mian Sahib is giving his powers of Chief Minister to the apex court? I request the politicians not to make the Supreme Court a stock exchange of politics where rhetoric and slogans should be bought and sold. Having said that one thing baffles my mind: Has Efroze been supplying Isotab to PIC only?  The fact of the matter is that the said company has been supplying the medicine throughout the country but the patients registered with PIC only have been affected. It is something to ponder over. It gives credence to Mian Sahib’s apprehensions that a conspiracy has been hatched against his government.


Wah Cantt, February4.