LAHORE – TheNation Editor-in-Chief and Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Majid Nizami has urged the Pakistan Army to use power for the liberation of Indian Occupied Kashmir, saying the dispute with India can be resolved either by acting upon the UN resolutions or by war.

Presiding over a special sitting at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan in connection of Kashmir Solidarity Day here on Saturday, he said: “Pak Army should not avoid even to wage atomic war on India for the sake of Kashmir.”

The NPT and Pakistan Movement Workers’ Trust jointly organised the sitting.

Begum Suraya KH Khursheed, Senator Naeem Hussain Chattah, Mian Farooq Altaf, Brigadier (r) Hamid Saeed Akhtar, Syed Naseeb Ullah Gardezi, Mirza Sadiq Jarral, Brigadier (r) Zafar Iqbal, Dr MA Soofi, Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Colonel (r) Ikram Ullah, Prof Muzaffar Mirza, Ghulam Nabi Lone, Aziz Zafar Azad, Yasin Wattoo, Shahid Rasheed, Rafaqat Riaz, teachers, students and people from different walks of life attended the event.

Majid Nizami regretted that despite terming Kashmir as jugular vein of Pakistan by the founder of Pakistan about 63 year back, it was still under the control of our enemy. India, he added, wanted to turn the country’s land into desert by blocking Pakistan’s water from the rivers flowing through Kashmir. It was Quaid-e-Azam’s wish to make Kashmir the part of Pakistan and he (Quaid) had ordered the then Commander-in-chief to enter Pak Army into the valley but the British Commander had refused to act upon the Quaid’s order, he regretted and asked the Pak Army that now was the time to fulfil the Quaid’s dream and free the people of Kashmir from the enemy.

Majid Nizami said that despite the UN resolutions presented a peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute, but how the UN could force India to act upon those resolutions, he held, arguing America, Israel and India are united to harm Muslims everywhere and UNO worked under the US influence. The only solution to free Kashmiri Muslims from Indian brutality and to save the water rights of Pakistan, he said, was a war against India. Quoting the PPP’s founder Zulfqar Bhutto’s saying that late Bhutto wanted to fight for 1,000 year with India to liberate Kashmir, but he regretted that the present PPP government had not been taking any practical step in this regard instead it wanted to indulge in a so-called dialogue process with the neighbouring country, he added.

Begum Suraya, wife of former AJK president KH Khursheed, regretted that the rulers had forgotten Quaid’s saying on Kashmir instead they were busy in saving their personal interests. She, however, praised that due to efforts of Majid Nizami, the Kashmir issue had been highlighted once and again.

Mian Farooq criticised the PPP government saying that despite enjoying many terms of government it was not willing to solve the dispute with India according to the wishes of Kashmiri people.

Naseeb Ullah, Hamid Saeed, Naeem Hassan, Sadiq Jarral, Mehnaz Rafi also spoke on the occasion and condemned the Indian aggression in Jammu and Kashmir. They said that South Asian peace was directly connected with the burning issue of Kashmir, adding the acceptable solution to the Kashmiri nation revolved around the UN resolutions passed in 1948 and 1949. However, they regretted that India was reluctant to resolve the conflict and she was increasing its cruelty in the occupied region day by day which could result another war in the region.