If politics has become business what can the people expect from their leaders? If politics is worship why has morality completely disappeared from the agenda of our upper classes? If politics is not business why are people madly running after Senate and NA tickets? (As example is better than precept, I contested election to the general Senate seat  from  the federal capital in 2003 and 2006 when my party fielded me without my application  for the ticket).

If politicians really want to serve why is their public image so miserable and questionable? If intellectuals are sincere why do they sell their conscience for a few pieces of silver?

If Generals love their country why do they periodically abrogate the Constitution which they are under solemn oath to obey and defend? If education is not business why is the standard of creative education so alarmingly dismal? If we all love our country why are we killing each other and thus making a mockery of the dream called Pakistan? If our motto is service above self why are our actions based on self above service? If self above service is our motto it is not difficult to imagine where we are heading? God bless Pakistan!


Islamabad, January 31.