OKARA - The PTI central leader Javed Hashmi has said that the incumbent rulers themselves are hatching conspiracies.

He was talking to reporters at the residence of district leader Rao Rashid Ali Sher Khan during his passage from Lahore to Multan. He added that the rulers who could not enforce any reform during their four-year rule, could do nothing in the days to come.

“They will not be able to bring a positive change in the countrys. The people are compelled to commit suicides. Life has become tough. The people should take to the streets under the leadership of Imran Khan and should bring a historical revolution,” he added.

The PTI leader observed that there was no conspiracy against the rulers but they themselves are behind the present crises.

 He added the flawed policies of the government had made the life of the poor dreadful. The PTI will provide economic and social justice by making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state, he said and added that now elections had become the need of the hour.