RAWALPINDI – Despite a strict ban by the government on the use of drugs and liquor, the contraband is being sold and used by the people publicly in many areas of Murree, a recreational resort that is packed with tourists coming across the country especially from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to enjoy snowfall these days.

The huge quantity of liquor, hashish, heroin and other narcotics are smuggled from the twin cities to Murree through different routes on which, both the administrations of the twin cities have scaled up the security by erecting a large number of police pickets deploying extra police force who thoroughly check all the vehicles and passengers before being allowed to proceed to the hill station.

Moreover, after the threats from the terrorists to launch a rocket attack on the federal capital from Margalla Hills, the law enforcement agencies have also stepped up surveillance in the federal capital and on the hills to avoid any eventuality.

Crossing all such heavily guarded security check posts by the drug traffickers in their vehicles or motorcycles carrying drugs safely is otherwise a question mark on the performance of Rawalpindi and Islamabad police, something which may give also a save passage to terrorists to achieve their nefarious designs in the hill station.

Talking to TheNation at Murree on Saturday, the local people and the shopkeepers, who often fall prey to the drug users in different ways, leashed out at the negligence of Rawalpindi and Islamabad police for barring drug trafficking to the hill station and appealed to City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokher and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Bani Amin to purge the resort from drugs and take a stern action against those involved in allowing the drugs trafficking to the hill station through the police pickets.

They said that many areas in Muree are dominated by the drug peddlers while the tourists also managed to bring alcohol and other narcotics with them from the other cities of the country.

They said that the drug users, most of them were tourists, were witnessed openly smoking Hashish and drinking alcohol on public places and some times misbehaved with local people and hurled abuses in state of unconsciousness.

“We have to keep our young children indoor owing to the fear of the drug users as they (drug users) might push our children to the same path,” the locals added.

The locals were interviewed by this scribe at main market at Tareet Police Check Post, the area in jurisdiction of Police Station Murree, when an old model white Corolla car (IDE-788) suddenly appeared there in which four to five youngsters were embarking.  All the boys were witnessed carrying alcohol bottles in their hands and drinking it on the tune of an Indian song.

The youngsters also wrangled with a poor ‘Pakora’ hand-pushcart owner on demanding money for the ‘Pakoras’ they bought from him. They also tossed abuses to some locals and shopkeepers and ran away.

Munir Abbasi, a shopkeeper, told this scribe that it has become a routine matter here in the market that unconscious youngsters come, buy commodities from shops and did insult the shopkeepers upon asking for money. He said that the police, despite several complaints, did not take any action against the drug users.

CPO Azhar Hameed Khokher, when contacted by this scribe, did not receive his cell phone when tried to get his point of view on the issue.

“The IG Sahib is busy in a meeting with the Commissioner Islamabad and will call you back when he will be free,” said the operator of the IGP Bani Amin, when a call was made on the IGs cell.