PARIS  - The French actor tipped to win an Oscar for his role in “The Artist” was under fire at home for a poster showing him holding a woman’s legs in the air.

France’s advertising regulator ARPP requested that the film posters of Jean Dujardin — for the film “Les Infideles” (The Players) — be removed from billboards in Paris because it is objectionable. The ARPP said it received four complaints from the public offended by the ads. The poster showed Dujardin, who is in the running for best actor Oscar this month for his star role in “The Artist”, a silent black and white movie, holding the bare legs of a woman.

The posters went on display on Monday. The affair creates an online buzz in France, with L’Express magazine asking in a headline on its website: “Could the ‘Infideles’ scandal damage Jean Dujardin?” in his quest for Oscar glory. Dujardin was nominated for best actor in the black-and-white film that tells the story of silent star George Valentin whose career is torpedoed by the arrival of the talkies.

It also won nine more Oscar nominations, just behind the 11 scooped by Martin Scorsese’s lavish 3D adventure “Hugo”, and has turned the French actor into the current darling of Hollywood.