Reese Witherspoon changed her hairstyle to cover a new scar. The 35-year-old actress was knocked over by an elderly driver while she was out jogging in Santa Monica last September and was left with a black eye and a gash to her forehead.

Although Reese recovered from her injuries she has been left with a permanent reminder of the incident on her head and decided the best way to hide it was to restyle her hair and include a fringe.

When quizzed by British TV chat show host Graham Norton about the incident, she said: “I was jogging and I got hit by a car, it’s not funny at all.

“They said I am very hard headed because I landed right on my head and I have a scar, hence my new hairdo. I don’t remember much about it but miraculously and thank God I am fine.”

Reese - who is married to Hollywood agent Jim Toth - refused to press charges against the female driver, but revealed the lady did lose her license because of the incident.

The ‘This Means War’ star revealed: “She was 85 so they took away her licence and gave her a bus pass.”                                     – EPS