I vividly remember the golden words of one of my professors, Engineer Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Pathan (late) at Mehran Engineering University (MUET), Jamshoro, who once said that “Economic growth and environmental protection are directly proportional. They both go hand in hand.”

Regrettably, like our past successive rulers, the present rulers did not take any initiatives which could have moved our economy forward or helped in the growth of our economy or worked for environmental protection. It appears that the overall governmental attitude towards environment has not always been inspiring. Our economy and ecosystem is on the decline but our politicians and bureaucrats have not given any thought to this issue.

It is a curious situation that we have. There are Environmental Tribunals in the country but look at the Environmental Tribunal in Karachi, where the post of chairperson has fallen vacant for the last six months but no appointment has been made, while another member is on the verge of retirement. Being a Chemical Engineer and a strong supporter of environmental protection, however, I appeal to our rulers and bureaucracy to change their attitude towards economic development and environmental protection, create environmental consciousness because healthy environment is the basis of a healthy economy.


Islamabad, February 1.