The Constitution is supreme basic law, which prescribes structure and legal foundation on which all action must rest, guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities to all citizens. In Pakistan, while every government, elected or unconstitutional, derives power from specific clauses in constitution, they prefer trampling the whenever it suits them. The constitution itself states that Supreme Court alone has the power to interpret, what it states in letter and spirit. However sense of not belonging to country, or considering themselves above law, is the calamity afflicting our ruling elite and paid bureaucracy, both having benefited most from this country, yet choosing to move their family with assets abroad, but continuing to exploit this country, getting key public offices, contracts etc, expanding their personal assets and transferring profits to choice of foreign countries, as if it were their right to do so.

They now want parliament to open its doors to men and women, who willingly have chosen to renounce allegiance to this country, as if natives who live here lack competence or basic capabilities to govern themselves, which reminds us of British colonialists, who ruled us for more than two centuries, with collaboration of select group of natives, willing to serve foreign occupation in return for lands, titles and employment. Equal opportunities relate to hiring, promotion, demotion, or termination on basis of individual ability, qualification, specialization in relevant field, for any vacancies occurring in state owned enterprise.

Just like in America, where ‘Spoils of War System’ existed a century ago, process of evolution has discarded it. In Pakistan it thrives through political patronage, cronyism, nepotism through hiring or termination of services in violation of merit, reducing state owned corporations like PSM, PIA, OGDC, SSGC, CAA, CDA etc to financial mess and sparing not even sports control boards, as favors for funding election campaign etc. So blatant is abuse, that even after Supreme Court has declared an individual holding foreign nationality unfit to hold a particular public office, the political executives does not hesitate to insist upon appointing them, relying on technicalities, as if there exists no suitable individual holding a singular Pakistani nationality. This insistence for preference of dual nationals and abuse of power, has lead to massive brain drain and flight of capital from Pakistan.


Lahore, February 3.