Cricket governing body International Cricket Council (ICC) is also on Facebook and it manages official Facebook page. It has more than 4.5 million likes on its page. ICC page shares different news related to cricket. On most of the posts of Pakistan and India cricket, people from both countries start arguments which end in verbal fights and abuses. People from both the countries use abusive language against each other and criticize cricketers using abusive language. Language used by Indian and Pakistanis are Hindi and Urdu respectively as well but some remarks are also in English. I would like to request International Cricket Council (ICC) to take notice of this and whoever is managing the ICC Facebook page should keep a check on such abusive language and ban them from the page. I also appeal to my Pakistanis brothers and sisters to refrain from using offensive language to keep our country’s name respectable. They should also have a factorial argument instead of becoming obnoxious and criticizing each other’s cricketers in an discourteous manner.


Karachi, February 3.