This is with reference to the letter ‘Time to Wakeup’ written by Mr Masood Khan. He is within his rights to opine that all the quarters of our society must say with one voice ‘enough is enough’ over the military and civilian loss of life as well as loss of property in the country. His voice is ours but to me, we should see ‘which way the wind is blowing’. Then he goes on to say that we should seek help from international forum. It goes without saying that we are a part of this global community, and we must shoulder responsibility to extend full cooperation on the international issues of violence and terrorism. It is very simple to interpret help from international forum. Such an approach in practice would provide an opportunity for the anti atomic Pakistan elements to land on our soil with their evil designs by destabilising and denuclearising this strong fort of Islam.

How can one, even least interested in political affairs, deny this fact that Pakistan is burning in the fire of target killings, sectarianism and terrorism that was ignited by some of our ‘foreign benefactors; who does not know about Indian hand in disturbances in Baluchistan and foreign manufactured arms and weapons being used in Karachi, Baluchistan and KPK. This is a very famous proverb “nobody will willingly swallow poison”. Then why should we endanger ourselves? We should not rule out apprehension of NATO Forces’ entering into Pakistan and then aftershocks? There is a long list of US air bases abroad in the name of so called peace and security of America and the world.

The other side of the picture is no less dismal; what message will this act deliver to the world? It is not rocket science to comprehend that such a state, that can’t tackle its own internal problems will be prone to attacks from outside. We need to smell the rat and strengthen the hands of the civil government and armed forces to foil every conspiracy. Taliban are our internal issue. May the peace talks be fruitful! Give a chance to peace for peace.


Lahore, February 3.