Everybody wants protocols, but what are the limits and who is actually entitled to it? Who will determine this? In countries such as Pakistan where people are un-safe everywhere and security is provided only to the elite how does the common man survive? In Pakistan where billions of rupees are spent on providing protocol and security to the ruling elite who is looking after the interest of the common man. Who determines that a CM or MP or an MPA and MNA’ lives are more precious than yours and mine? We pay taxes which pay their salary but the police is never there when we have a problem.

The country is being run by people who are so afraid of dying that they will kill hundreds to save their own skin. Roads are blocked for hours and closed for days for one dignitary, we as common man wish that there were no dignitaries in Pakistan as our lives are constantly interrupted and disrupted by them. I remember that Nawaz Sharif before coming to power promised minimum protocol for himself but nothing has changed.


Mianwali, February 3.