The people of Sialkot urged the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) to set up more offices as the present offices are unable to deal with the growing number of the applications.

These offices had been established more than a decade ago and there is no increase in the number of offices with the passage of time following the growing needs of the population.

According to Nadra officials, there are only eight Nadra offices in Sialkot district for about 4.4 million population. These offices are situated at Gohadpur-Sialkot, Church Road-Sialkot, Daska city, Sambrial city, Kotli Loharaan, Saidpur, Pasrur and Chawinda. These offices are already overburdened due to growing work load and shortage of staff. It needs more offices to improve working capacity in the district.

The people said that these offices also faced with shortage of the staff against the growing number of the applicants, often found standing in long queues in and outside of the offices, due to very slow process of issuing the computerised national identity cards (CNICs).

They urged that the Nadra offices should also be established at the far-off rural areas to cover rural population locally in a bid to halt the flow of the people from rural areas to urban areas in Sialkot district for getting CNICs.

In Sialkot, the night shift has been ended at NADRA Church Road Sialkot office due to which a great rush of the people could be witnessed there. In Daska, there is only one office for 1 million population. This office has to cover both urban and rural population. People have urged the Nadra chairman to ensure early establishment of another office in Daska tehsil’s far-flung Satrah area.In Pasrur, there are two Nadra offices (one each at Pasrur and Chawinda) in Pasrur tehsil. Though, these offices are located in Sialkot district, but both the offices had already been given under the administrative control of Narowal-based officials of Nadra.