LAHORE - City police yesterday raided a fireworks manufacturing unit in Shadbagh, rescued two children and seized 20 bags of explosive material.

A police spokesman said the raid was part of the police clampdown on illegal factories with underage workers. On the directions of DIG (Operations) Dr Haider Ashraf, Lahore police launched a massive crackdown to discourage child labour particularly at brick kilns a couple of weeks ago.

A special police team constituted by SP Haroon Joiya raided the factory in Bannu Park early yesterday. The police arrested two men, seized over 20 bags of fireworks, and rescued two child workers. “The children were shifted to the Provincial child protection center,” the spokesman said.

Trade and manufacturing of fireworks is banned under the law in the province. The police have registered a criminal case against the factory owner and his managers and are investigating.

A police investigator said that raids are underway to arrest factory owner, who fled the site shortly before the police raid.