LAHORE - Former PTI Punjab organiser Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar yesterday claimed party’s constitution gives him complete freedom to contest intra-party polls.

“PTI election commission has not barred me for contesting intra-party polls and nobody has asked him to refrain from contesting the polls for the slot of PTI Punjab president,” claimed Mr Sarwar in a bid to reject the rumours about party constitution bar on him for not contesting the party polls.

“Not only does the country’s constitution but also party’s constitution gives me complete freedom to contest intra-party polls and those conspiring against me will be disappointed when they see me in the electoral arena,” maintained PTI leader while talking to the media.

“Facing me in the electoral arena may be troubling for certain people for the reasons best known to them. Every one is free to contest the party polls and it is the democratic and political right of all to contest,” said Sarwar.