ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rababni said yesterday that further delay in conducting fair and transparent population census was a violation of the constitution and state needed to fulfil its commitment as per need of the hour.

Addressing an 82-member delegation of Youth Parliamentarians along with President of Pakistan Institute of Legislation Development and Transparency (PIDAT), he said issues like enumeration of Afghan refugees' population and apprehension regarding conversion of Baloch nationality into minority could not further delay the national population census. He proposed that the apprehensions of Baloch nationals that they would be demographically converted into a minority as a result of national population census should be looked after through possible legislation to limit the right of vote of in-migrants to the place of origin instead of Gwadar.

In reply to a question, he said, “Pakistan has been showing hospitality but now we need to watch our own national interest. Already Afghan refugees' have affected the Pakistani society, culture and economy and they are spread in the length and breadth of country and thanks to corruption in our own society a large number of Afghan refugees have also managed to acquire Pakistani national identity cards.” Before the launch of census field operation, Nadra needs to devise a mechanism to differentiate between the fake and genuine national identity cards.

Raza Rabbani referring to his already written letter to Speaker National Assembly and finance minister said to harmonize and to balance both the houses of Parliament, Senate should also be given representation in Public Accounts Committee (PAC), a joint PAC with one third representation from Senate is acceptable to the Upper House.