LAHORE -  SALMAN ALI  - Kindness may be the core of human race. The scale of the acts of kindness mostly does not matter as small actions bring changes in societies and can sometimes start a revolution.

A non-profit organization from Peshawar, run by students from different universities of the city, has taken a step on its own; a brave and positive initiative for the deprived ones.

This act of kindness named “Wall of Kindness” or “Deewar-e-Mehrbani” has been started by this youth group, “Serve Mankind.” People give their spare clothes to this organisation and the deserving take them from there. It is a small, simple but great mission, especially in the winter season in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Talking to The Nation, Asad Ali Lodhi, the representative of “Serve Mankind”, said their basic motto is “Life is short, Be Kind” and this is the core idea behind this step. On the question of how this idea came to their mind, Asad replied there was a video of “Wall of Kindness in Iran” on social media, after watching which it they decided to start this campaign in Pakistan.

“It is needed here. It took us three to four days to prepare and paint the wall in Hayatabad, Peshawar, and it is the third day of this initiative,” he said. About the response of the people, Asad said it was enormously positive as in just three days almost 1,000 individuals – both men and women – came to us and donated their extra clothes. “The clothes were taken by approximately 1,000 needy people. We spread the message through our friends and families, mainly on social media. It was spread through the word of mouth as well, and people responded to it very positively

“Even today we have a group of people who came from a far away area outside Peshawar to collect clothes. That is how it is spreading,” Asad explained.

When asked how they manage to save the things from theft, Asad said that small groups of students remain present on the spot, but that’s mainly to guide people. “Once it is properly established, it will be left without any security. Pakistanis are generous and this will surely be successful,” he was of the view.

On a query about the reason for starting this programme, he said they wanted to give a positive image of Peshawar and KP. “Most of the time negative image of our region is portrayed in the media and our positive and actual side is not advertised on media like Lahore or Karachi. We want to showcase this side of Peshawar and KP and challenge the stereotypes against the locals. Furthermore, we want to spread a positive image of Pakistan globally as well,” he maintained. About the future plan on expanding the initiative, he said they would surely expand the idea and include books on the “Wall of Kindness.” More spots will be established around Peshawar,” Asad said.

The “Wall of Kindness” is definitely a great step by few young students which must be appreciated and acknowledged. It is a great initiative, which must be replicated in other parts of Pakistan to make the life easier for the poor to some extent. Kudos to these guys!