LAHORE - A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Department of Health Punjab and John Snow Incorporated/USAID DELIVER Project for scale up of Vaccines Logistics Management Information System (vLMIS) in 23 districts of Punjab on Thursday at Directorate General Health Services Punjab.

This project is being jointly funded by DFID and USAID under supervision of Department of Health Punjab at the cost of about Rs 35 million.

In the light of recommendations of Federal Ombudsman on the Measles outbreak in 2012-13, vLMIS was conceived and developed by the USAID DELIVER Project on the request of Government of Pakistan to ensure an effective vaccine supply chain management. vLMIS has been designed to ensure that vaccines are always available to meet the demand of end users.

It has been proved very effective in data visibility and accountability providing support for evidence based decision making for planning and procurement. It has played a pivotal role in cutting down the wastage of vaccines in 13 districts of Punjab. vLMIS has improved the inventory management of cold chain equipment and has the capacity of Geographical Information System (GIS) and GS-I bar coding.

Initially, web based vLMIS was launched in 54 pilot districts of Pakistan in January 2014 including 13 districts of Punjab with the support of USAID DELIVER Project during which 610 staff members were trained along with provision of IT equipment. Keeping in view the usefulness of the system, Department of Health, Government of Punjab requested USAID DELIVER Project to scale up vLMIS in 23 districts of Punjab. The scale up activity will be completed in two phases.

During phase-I, starting from second week of February, vLMIS will be implemented in 13 districts of Punjab by USAID | DELIVER Project in coordination with Department of Health. The phase-II is proposed to commence in May 2016, for remaining 10 districts of Punjab.