PESHAWAR - Though the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is making tall claims of ensuring foolproof security of all government-run schools, there is no specific allocation made for this purpose so far, official sources told The Nation on Thursday.The militants attack on the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda on January 20 last, which claimed at least 22 lives, including 19 students, raised questions about the standard operating procedures framed by the government soon after the Army Public School Peshawar incident on December 16, 2014, under which complete security measures would be ensured at all educational institutions of the province.

However, the militants attack on Bacha Khan University reflects that students mostly in the government schools, colleges and universities are still vulnerable to terror attacks.To avoid any such horrific incident, the government strictly directed the administration of government-run educational institutions to ensure implementation of standard operating procedures. However, the government has yet to release funds for the purpose, the sources said.

“Certainly, we have been hearing too much on security measures but it is crystal clear that not a single penny has so far been released by the government for the security of a total 200 colleges, 19 public sector universities and 28,000 government schools both boys and girls from primary to higher secondary level in the province,” they added. A school having barbwires on boundary-walls, guards with guns, barriers, watch-towers, walk through gates, CCTV cameras and metal detectors would be considered to have implemented the standard operating procedures, the officials explained.

All these aforementioned security means are expensive and government has yet to release funds specifically for security measures. However, keeping in view the importance of schools security, the government has directed heads of schools to utilise funds allocated for Parent Teacher Councils (PTCs). The PTC fund is a small amount, which is given to each school every year for two purposes - petty repairing and class consuming items, the sources said. Now in the prevailing situation, the dilemma is that each school is bound to adopt foolproof security arrangements by utilising the PTCs fund. But the fact is that majority of schools have already used that specific little fund either on repairing or class consuming items, the officials explained.

“How can a school head teacher arrange all that security tools, if he or she doesn’t have enough money from the PTC’s fund because there is no specific allocation for the purpose so far,” a schoolteacher told this scribe on condition of anonymity. And that’s why, over 700 FIRs have so far been registered against headmasters of various government schools for lacking security arrangements,” he added. There is unrest among teachers and it has also been reported that teachers are being misbehaved for poor security at schools, he stated. In limited resources it is impossible to have barbwires on boundary-walls, guards, guns, barriers, watch-towers, CCTV cameras and metal detectors, he was of the view. For ensuring security of 28,000 schools in KP, there is need billions of rupees, the official sources said. Federal government is playing its role as a silent spectator, as it is not financially assisting the provincial government to improve security of vulnerable government schools in time and avoid any mishap just because of missing security measures, they maintained. It required a hug amount and the KP government is unable to make both ends meet. Though it is an important issue, the provincial government has yet to release funds particularly for improving security of schools, they added.