MULTAN: The workers of PIA continued their strike and sit-in here at district office for the 10th consecutive day on Thursday. The protesters carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government and demanded withdrawal of privatisation plan. The PPP leaders also joined the sit-in to express solidarity with the protesters.

Speaking on the occasion, PPP leaders Usman Bhatti and Kh. Rizwan Alam said that their party strongly condemned privatisation of this important national institution. They alleged that the government sold out national institutions at throwaway price to its blue-eyed persons which was highly condemnable act. They warned that the PPP would fully resist any bid to privatize institutions of strategic importance. They lamented that the bloodshed in Karachi was a condemnable act on part of a so-called democratic government. They claimed that the government wanted to oblige its favourites but the workers would not flinch from offering any sacrifice. Addressing the protesters, the president of Air League Mehr Kaleem Klasra asked the government to adopt a sensible strategy and immediately withdraw privatization ordinance. He claimed that the workers did not deliver Rs. 300 billion loss to the PIA rather it was other elements that caused this loss. “Action should be taken to get rid of these elements instead of privatizing the institution.–Staff Reporter

Meanwhile, the office bearers of Majlid Wahdatul Muslimeen including Iqtidar Naqvi, Mujahid Abbas Gardezi also visited the protest camp and exhibited solidarity with the workers. Later on, a Qul Khawani prayer was held for the martyrs of Karachi.