When we Lahoris go out of town, the first thing that we ask is: What's the best place to eat here? This is our true Lahori nature.

So on our last visit to Karachi we decided to explore the ever so famous Kolachi.



The best thing about this restaurant is its location and magical environment, especially during sunset. The sea view and chilly wind makes it a memorable dine-out experience. The sight of sea while one enjoys delicious food is like eating on a cruise ship.

Food is not just to satisfy your appetite, it’s an experience that touches many other senses. It provides us a break from our monotonous robotic life. This place hits level of calmness and enjoyment when it comes to a family or friends recreational visit.



The menu had a huge range of dishes. But why go for any fancy Italian or French dish because when in Karachi do as Karachites do!

So we ordered the barbecue platter, Makhni Handi which was served in typical matka handi and fried fish.



Food was served hot and fresh. Fish was presented exceptionally well. It wasn't in pieces but served as a whole. Makhni Handi was the best handi I have ever had - even better than the handi I had at Dera, Lahore.

For the BBQ Platter, I suppose had it been a bit spicier the taste could have been better. But the quality and quantity of food was satisfying.


Since we opted for a weekend, the service was a bit slow and clumsy. It should be improved.



The only thing that will make me think twice before re-planning a visit here at Kolachi is its overpriced menu. Tax inclusion later in the bill gives you a mini heart attack, which I feel should be reduced to make it an overall comfortable experience.


Its ambiance makes it one classy place. It makes one want to visit it multiple times.

Interiors are obviously the first thing one sees and yes they do create a positive image about the place. Lighting is a bit dim - probably not a good place for the photophilic.



Mouth-watering food with tempting presentation, average service and a perfect ambiance makes it a nice overall experience.

Food: 8.5/10

Service: 7/10

Damage to pocket: 6/10