Rev Shahid Mehraj

Peace in South Asia continues to be hostage to the pressing issue of Kashmir. Kashmiris have for over six decades continued to suffer and struggle for their right to self determination. Their freedom struggle would one day be successful and they would be liberated from the oppression of Indian armed forces.

On the occasion of Kashmir Day Christian community in Pakistan expresses its solidarity with the Kashmiris in their freedom struggle and calls for the resolution of the issue in the light of United Nations resolutions. We urge all international community and organizations to support the people in Indian occupied Kashmir in their quest to get freedom. Peace in the sub-continent can only be established if the Kashmir issue is resolved as per the wishes of Kashmiris. Resolution of this issue would bring peace and prosperity in the region.

It is not just a political solution that is sought for Kashmir. It is the issue of human rights. Kashmiris have been deprived of their basic right to live independently according to their own customs and traditions. They have been living in fear and have been persecuted by the Indian armed forces for many decades. They look towards the international community to stand with them for their cause. We should support them in their endeavour for independence. We should not disappoint them. –( The writer is Dean of Lahore Cathedral)